We have reduced 40.780 Postcards for the first time by 50 Percent . Surely everyone will find something interesting among those cards!

(All Postcards with the numbers 600.000-700.000 have been price-reduced)

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Shipping & Delivery



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Letter 1 1 1
Insured Letter +€2 / or +€2 / or +€2 / or
more than €100 inclusive more than €100 inclusive more than €100 inclusive

6 / or

15 / or 30 / or
more than 100 PC or
on exceeding the value of €200 free of charge
more than 100 PC or
on exceeding the value of €500 free of charge
more than 100 PC or
on exceeding the value of  €1000 free of charge

Delivery will be made immediately after receipt of payment by us.

Should you buy several postcards within one week you can also save costs of transport.
Please inform us about it by: E-Mail



The Deutsche Post usually needs 1-2 days within Germany and 2-3 days within Europe.

Briefumschlag For the sake of the environment!
Each of our packings are from a responsible source.

We are pleased to present you our new kink protection. He does not only garantee a save transport of your cards, but can also be used as an easy picture frame for postcards. On the back you will find an overview of the postcard markets of the indicated month.

Kink protection
– stable shipping protection
– easy picture frame for postcards
– calendar with montly appointments for postcard markets
– new each month

Paket On buying more than 100 postcards we send you our custom made package. - new online shop for old postcards. Buy comfortable, convenient and secure (SSL certificate) old postcards. There are daily postcards reset. Use our Newsletter to stay up to date.