Purchase of old postcards



Have you already known?

You will get a 10€ article voucher from us per 100€ of the agreed purchase price on akpool.co.uk!


YES, we are basically interested in your postcards.
To make the buying process for both pleasant and time saving,
we have formulated some important points which make the buying of your old postcards more easily.
We are looking forward to your contact.

Please read the points!

1. What number of cards I have to offer at least?

Because our sales are growing rapidly and we put 700 ancient postcards a day online, we are only interested in card sizes from 100 pieces. Heavily damaged postcards are not bought.

2. The process of purchase

Step 1:
The first step is to contact us by email. Please write us how many cards you have or how old the cards are.
We look forward to your e-mail: [email protected]

Step 2:
You are welcome to visit us in our shop to purchase your postcards directly.
If you are not from Berlin and the surrounding area, you can also send us your cards in a parcel.

Firma Ansichtskartenpool
Palisadenstraße 40
10243 Berlin

So your postcards arrive safe with us, please send the cards as an insured parcel.
Please put in the parcel in any case a cover letter,

Number of postcards,
Your Price expectation,
Your address and
Your Email address
should be noted. If we do not buy your postcards, you will receive the cards of course back as a parcel at our expense.

Scans of the cards are not enough for a final purchase decision! (Often scans are of low quality and description and thus for us as a wholesaler too time consuming). We buy only cards in collectible condition.

3. What we pay for old postcards

A justified purchase price, we give only after review of the postcards. Everything else is insufficient and not serious. Here, the rarity and the re-sale opportunity is important. We do not haggle over cards. We expect a realistic Price expectation. Please check our website to see what our
postcards cost. If you are unsure what your cards are worth, then we are happy to assist.

4. From which time should the cards be

We buy
postcards that were printed before 1945.

5. Should the cards have been sent by mail??

However, of course not, but many collectors are looking forward to postally used cards

6. You want to sell as a trader?

We purchase with pleasure:

  • Part supplies
  • Whole supplies
  • bigger posts

We look forward to new business relationships.

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