Print Postcards

Our old, historical postcards and postcards show the most different printing methods. On this occasion, do not play
only the production year of the postcard an accordingly big role, but also the place or the region of the manufacture.

A special printing is the lithography (lithography).

  • In the 19th century this oldest one of the planography procedures belonged to the mostly used printings for coloured ones
    The printed matter what in particular the called postcards counted to. With the concept Lithography or Lithography one calls
    the so-called stone drawing as a pressure presentation for multiplicating among other things from postcards by means of a lithographic procedure.
    Also the colour transport of the stone on a suitable paper medium to the production of the postcards in the lithographic press, as well as
    the lithographic procedure moved by machine or hand as such, are understood by this concept name.
  • The executive person of this printing method is the lithographer. He takes over the manual job, the texts to be printed, pictures,
    etc., so the stone drawing for the postcard to make side-wrong on the lithography stone intended for it.
  • The introduced procedure of the lithography has his roots in an invention of Alois Senefelder from 1798. At the moment
    of the 19th century it allowed as the only printing method the production of big and numerous editions of coloured printed matter.
    In Germany in particular the lime skew stone which was broken in the Bavarian Solnhofen served as a pressure medium or.
    Pressure bearer.
  • Up to 1930 the lithographic procedure is able as one of the most often used printing methods for the most different printed matter
    and so that also postcards are called. Nevertheless, finally, it was removed afterwards successive from the offset printing and today is
    to find exclusively in the artistic trade.
  • To do justice to the modern mass production of our society, the introduced procedure of the lithography is inexpedient,
    because it is not worthwhile in comparison to the developed, modern printings simply and therefore because of uneconomicalness
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