Postcards Germany


  • The origin of the today’s postcards of Germany were the so-called “Correspondenzkarten” which served at that time still without any illustration or decoration, excluding the written correspondence.
    Already on the 16th of July of 1870, shortly after the before occurred official introduction of the historical postcards of Germany in the postal area at that time of North Germany, the Oldenburg bookseller and printer August Schwartz printed a postcard decorated with a woodcut and sent them by post to Magdeburg. Therefore, Schwartz was the first German who printed an illustrated postcard of Germany and sent by post on the trip.
  • Since 1871 the post of Germany sold illustrated and decorated postcards and congratulations cards. Finally, private did not become also on the 1st of July, 1872, from the post in Germany produced motive maps admitted.
    Ludwig Zrenner, a known Munich lithographer, produced in 1872 as the first mass producer in Germany a unique series of several different postcards of Germany.
    Therefore it is also not further surprising that Zrenner, as a “father of the postcard”, also the first greeting postcard provided. She showed a drawing of the beer tents at the Munich October party and provided this exclusive postcard of Germany with the inscription: “Greeting from the October party”.
    Possibly from 1885 can be spoken thus from a timid beginning of a postcard branch of the postcards of Germany and early maps enjoy a distinct rarity degree.
  • Until it came then, finally, to the big breakthrough of the postcards of Germany, other 11-12 years passed approx. up to 1896. Then only after some years the post maps of Germany can also register the first success and last-limited popularity beyond the German-speaking space.
    Among the rest, the increasing, greater and greater growing popularity of the postcards, can be founded by the application of the chromolithography which allowed coloured instead of only black-and-white printed maps.
    The growing tourism which originated from the developing mass traffic showed another determining reason. The attraction in price and the mass production were allowed by the application of the quick press which shortened production times terrifically.
  • In the time before the I world war, the made post or postcards were used in particular for the transmission by holiday greetings or often also for birthday congratulations and New Year greetings as well as for other given occasions.
    Foreign tours were rather still unusual and enjoyed rarity. That’s why the large part of the postcards of Germany within the settled frontiers was also sent. During the I world war many of the postcards of Germany were sent as an army postal service and served even in the time of the national socialism for propaganda purposes.
    So the pictures which show among other things subjects like the patriotism and the military of the different participant war states are to be found just on the postcards of Germany from the world wartimes. After the world wars the postcards or postcards of Germany served mostly again for the transmission of travel communications and holiday greetings from abroad. - new online shop for old postcards. Buy comfortable, convenient and secure (SSL certificate) old postcards. There are daily postcards reset. Use our Newsletter to stay up to date.