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Postage for postcards

  • From 1897 to 1918 the postcard experienced her blossom. At that time postcards were dispatched more than 950 million postages in the year. A reason
    for it the cheaper postage was in comparison to the letter. Up to 1905 one was allowed to do the postcard, by the way, only on the front
    describe. The back was booked for the postage. In 1916 the postage was changed for the postcard for the first time.
  • Now it amounted to 7.5 pfennigs. The 8 pfennigs of postage were paid, by the way, mostly with 5 pfennigs and 3 pfennigs of stamp.
    However, the prices rose fast. In 1920 the postage already amounted to 30 pfennigs, in 1922 35 to 85 pfennigs (postcards with rosette pressure).
    Only in 1925 pictures were also illustrated on the postcards.
  • After the Second World War and the currency reform postcards then again cost 10 pfennigs, from 1963 15 pfennigs, from 1982 60 pfennigs
    and from 1997 100 pfennigs.

    Zur history the postage Postkarte:

  • in 1869 the postcard is printed in Austria for the first time. It is given under the name Correspondenzkarte. General post manager
    Heinrich Stephan introduces the postage postcard in 1870 in Germany. At the same time he also puts for the first time a nationally uniform one
    Postage by. At that time as a postage for a postcard one had to pay 5 pfennigs. Postcards with paid-up answer cost 10 pfennigs.
    These answer postcards were used from 1891 to 1992. Then since 1873 the postage was in the postcards eingedruckt. These so-called
    Whole things are particularly desired in the Philatelie and in the Philokartie.
  • During the First World War from 1914 to 1918 postcards were released the postage to the soldiers in the front from the postage. The army postal service
    in navy, army or air force nothing cost the postcard writer. What fancy the today’s postcard writer hardly more
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