Photo Postcards


  • At the beginning of the history of the postcard, agreed under other artist and lithographers, orders of the postcards or.
    To postcard publishing companies, for the production of artistic draughts for her postcards. Years later this historical one lost itself
    Tradition and thus the necessary picture originated for postcards, finally, from photographers how it is also usual even today.
  • In 1920 a procedure found beside the so-called collotype also often use, which as the silver bromide pressure
    is known to produce the black-and-white photo postcards. The following photo postcards, even if still first in black-and-white,
    then were produced already often with the more modern offset printing, how he still today his firm place with the postcards
    production has.
  • Then about from 1960 postcards spread, finally, colour print in the 4-colour pressure. As “a 4-colour offset printing”
    called procedures piece, why with smaller editions (less than 500 pieces) is worthwhile only with editions of approx. 1000
    also the digital pressure to the train comes.
  • In the past times when there was still no real colour photography, how we know them today, one has postcards often with the hand,
    from stencils supports, postcolored. Thus the phenomenon can be also explained, that old photo postcards or older photo
    postcards rather a matt structure and the newer maps a rather shining surface show.
  • In the English language area one calls the photo postcards also so-called “RPPC”. This “really photo postcards” are with us in
    German-speaking space rather under the name “Real photo postcards” known. However, quite often postcards also become as a photo
    postcards calls which were printed, have not originated so on the photographic way,
    because in her production a real photo served as a presentation. - new online shop for old postcards. Buy comfortable, convenient and secure (SSL certificate) old postcards. There are daily postcards reset. Use our Newsletter to stay up to date.