Postcards Online


  • Postcards are liked of here, a small holiday report, a short greeting or silently a picture just wonderfully to be looked, a specially provided photo or a nice saying – the postcard as a communicative device has not still retired long.
  • The newest form of the postcard is the on-line postcard. It is interesting, on this occasion, that the original historical postcards or postcards now and then as a presentation for the on-line postcards
    are used. The classical postcards motives and unique motives of the old artists find out an unexpected comeback. Not only as a reproduction separate, in the meantime, also as on-line postcards.
  • By more and more on-line operations the trend goes of course also there to the on-line postcard, it is substantially easier and connected with less time involved to select a smart motive on the Internet, to give a short text, and the postcard is sent by a click – as “a real” postcard-. Still is also to be observed that there is still follower of the historical postcards, nevertheless, these still spread a certain atmosphere and a sort of romanticism which one cannot gain of the on-line postcards often any more. While to itself hands over the infos short the young generation less about postcards than rather by SMS, it is still nicer for the older generation, nevertheless, and above all the more known variation to dispatch postcards. However, here are natural also the older, historical motives essential more popular. And just for collectors the on-line postcard is rather less interesting, finally, one holds them hardly more even in hands.
  • On account of on-line postcard or historical postcard, for everybody something is present, every style, every taste, every wish can be served about a suitable motive.
    Finally you yourselves decide which kind of the postcard you prefer, the old maps or the on-line postcard. However, a miraculous symbiosis between history and modern age comes up with the sending of on-line postcards with historical motives. - new online shop for old postcards. Buy comfortable, convenient and secure (SSL certificate) old postcards. There are daily postcards reset. Use our Newsletter to stay up to date.