Historical Postcards


  • Historical postcards and historische Ansichtskarten are a collective area which inspires many people. Besides, it is above all
    the fascination of the historical statement, the historical postcards and historical postcards to popular collective objects
    make. The representation of scenes, buildings and sceneries from the history of the development of a place or region
    determines the value of the postcards and postcards.
  • Besides, particularly the historical postcards often offer more, than only interesting views. At the back to be found ones
    Texts often reveal a lot from the attitude to life of the past times and lift the value of the postcards from old times considerably.
    Thus the statement of the pictures on the front is supported not seldom by the greetings at the back successfully and offers
    absolutely unexpected examination.
  • Also the historical postcards are a report of the life many decades ago. Here these are in many cases also familär
    to the referring pictures which determine the special show value of the old postcards. Family portraits before own house belong
    also in the wide offer of historical postcards, how the often known soldier’s pictures and of course also the pictures
    from places and interesting regional points of the suitable region.
  • The collecting of historical postcards and historical postcards offers not least history for giving a hand, looking and
    Reading. Besides, many interesting collective aims, from the pursuit of the history of a town or region up to arise
    can pass broadly invested collection to whole countries. In the totality of explanatory power, style and photographic quality
    if historical postcards and historical postcards offer completely an exceedingly interesting collective area, the persuading one
    and often allows astonishing insights into the longest past times.
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