Gift Idea

Good Reasons:

    • Present your friends or relatives with our Gift Vouchers as a Thank You Gift, for Birthdays, for Easter Day or for any Anniversary!
    • The Gift Recipient can choose his Cards by Location, like his Birthplace, his old School or even other topics charged with his emotions.
    • Historic Postcards showing Sports, Motives, Monarchs or other well-known Figures and Artists are chosen equally often.
    • You want to present a collector, but you are unsure about specific cards in his collection? Make use of our Gift Voucher.
    • Divide your (for example) 50€ Gift Voucher into 2x 25€ Vouchers. This way the Gift recipient has more use of his present and does not has to spend it all at once.

How it works:

    o Choose the category GIFT VOUCHER (under category Germany) or make a direct search for ‘gift voucher’ in the search field.
    o Choose your desired Gift Voucher, place it inside your shopping cart and proceed to Checkout to complete your ordering process.
    o Upon receipt of payment, we will send you the Gift Voucher.
    o The Gift Voucher is valid for 1 year and can not be paid out cash.

How to make use of the Gift Voucher:

    o The Voucher Code can only be used once on
    o After placing the desired cards inside your shopping card, click the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner, then enter the Voucher Code in the text box, the Voucher Value will be automatically subtracted from the price of your order. - new online shop for old postcards. Buy comfortable, convenient and secure (SSL certificate) old postcards. There are daily postcards reset. Use our Newsletter to stay up to date.